Do you need a Mandarin tutor for your children? Are you thinking of improving your kids’ Chinese listening and speaking skills, or their Chinese reading and writing abilities? By using a unique right-brain training method based on current research in the domains of neuroscience and language-acquisition, I assist children ages five to twelve years of age in learning these skills much faster than the traditional methods of learning allow.

Your child can learn more than 60 Chinese language characters in one class and start to read Chinese stories after week one at our school. Come for a 30-minute free-trial class to see for yourself how much your child can achieve in just one session.

Please visit our website at for details about our fast-reading children’s program. Call 604-928-9099 now to book an appointment for a free Chinese lesson.


请参加非凡中文的30分钟免费公开课,然后您就会相信您的孩子也可以在一堂课学习超过60个汉字,从第一周开始自己能够读故事。预约请致电(604)928-9099 傅老师,您也可以参阅www.fastnfun.com了解更多儿童中文阅读课程的相关信息。

上课地址:2075 W 37th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1N7.


电话:(604)928-9099 傅老师